Bragg Companies in-house Engineering team provides technical support to our crane, construction, and heavy haul divisions. Their involvement in day to day operations as well as long-term construction projects ensures that safe and cost effective solutions are available to our operations team for execution.

  • Our Experience

    Critical Crane Lift Planning
    Custom & Complex Rigging Configurations
    Custom Below-the-Hook Design & Analysis
    Jacking & Sliding Procedures
    Gantry Critical Planning
    Erection Plans
    Shoring & Temporary Supports
    Transportation Plans
    Modular Construction
    Complex Matting / Load Distribution Set-Ups

  • Technology

    Our engineers have the right tools available to solve complex engineering problems. Software supporting 2D and 3D modeling to product Animations to Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Even 3D printers are now part of our repertory helping validate designs and proposed layouts.

  • Certifications / Committee Participation

    Professional Engineers (PE) licensed in: CA, NV, FL
    ASME Committee Members (P30.1 / B30.31)


Our engineering department creates plans for all of the equipment in our fleet across the three major divisions. This equipment is build by some of the world's top manufacturers and are held to the highest standards of maintenance and service. Our equipment maintenance program ensures all our machines have regularly schedule, proactive maintenance as well as having the parts and tires necessary to fix any unplanned issues that arise; increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime on your job.

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Providing superior service throughout all 50 states


Providing superior service throughout all 50 states

As an industry leader,
we provide excellence through:

  • Critical projects are prepared, reviewed and approved by our engineering professionals
  • Safety and Service Graphic Our engineers undergo continuous training to remain up to date to industry standards and safety requirements
  • All Scale Projects Icon All project plans utilize integrated design and analysis with 2D and 3D design software
  • 24/7 Availability Icon We offer services throughout the country including emergency services 24/7
  • In-House Engineering Icon Our equipment in each division is expertly maintained, making sure it is equipped and ready for executing our engineered plans

Certifications & Memberships

  • AISC Associate Erector Logo
    AISC Associate Erector
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