Equipment Maintenance

Bragg Companies’ has an internal maintenance group that services machines in all three major divisions of work. It is comprised of ASC factory trained mechanics, AWS certified welders, and a fully-stocked parts department, which allows us to decrease downtime and increase productivity.

Our internal maintenance program supports your project through:

  • A fleet of mobile service trucks
  • Expansive tire selection and mobile service
  • 6GR certified boom repair welding at multiple locations
  • Liebherr factory-trained welders
  • Scheduled routine maintenance for all equipment per manufacturer specifications
  • Proactive maintenance on all machines

Our internal maintenance program has an experienced team of mechanics and welders who can repair and perform any unplanned  service on our machines. In addition, our robust parts department and thorough stock of tires for all our machines ensures that any issues involving parts or tires can be handled quickly and efficiently.

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