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A Core Value

At Bragg Companies, Safety is not just a requirement, it’s one of our core values. We know the strength of our business and our reputation in the industry is based on our employees, so keeping them and those we work around safe is of the utmost importance. Our full time, in house Safety Team works collaboratively with operations, engineering, company leadership, and our customers to mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Bragg’s Corporate Health and Safety Program (CHSP) drives our goal of continuous improvements in safety performance.

Elements of the CHSP include:

  • 3rd party validated written policies and procedures.
  • A written Stop Work Authority (SWA) Policy that empowers our employees to take action to mitigate at-risk conditions and behaviors, without fear of retribution; effective use of SWA is rewarded and recognized throughout the Company.
  • Pre-job hazard analysis (JHA), daily Task Hazard Analysis (THA), and Tailgate safety meeting processes to identify and mitigate hazards.
  • Field safety audits performed by Operations, Technical, and Safety Staff to ensure alignment with regulatory standards, company policies and best practices.

Personal Accountability Safety Survey (PASS)

  • Encourages employees to Assess the risk,
  • Analyze solutions to mitigate the risk, and most importantly,
  • ACT to ensure incident free operations.
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